Stand up 4 Rhinos
First SUP Descent of the Zambezi River

In October myself and fellow Icemule Cooler athlete Nadia Almuti were invited to be part of the first to attempt the mighty Zambezi River on stand up paddle boards. But it's not about being the first it's about raising $10,000 for the NPO Care For Wild rhino orphanage. This organization takes in many of the rhinos orphaned due to poaching. There job isn't just to raise them but it's also to protect them. The anonymity of the organization is for the rhinos and their own safety, the threat of poachers is a daily concern. At least one rhino is slaughtered a day for their horn, this has to stop! Please help us reach our goal by clicking this link. If we can get 1,000 people to donate $10 we'll have reached our goal. We've done our part, putting our lives on the line in some of the gnarliest rapids in the world, now it's your turn to do yours. 

Thank you for your support. Enjoy the video edits done by yours truly of the progression of our trip. More to come!
Thanks to all of our sponsors who made it possible IceMule Coolers, Lifestraw, Big Agnes, Heidi Michele Designs, And Shes Dope Too, Huppy Bar, Local Honey Designs, and Prana.